It’s all about ball control..

… and making the most of your penetrating deep runs – apparently.  Anyways, check out this teaser from a hot and horny POV hardcore video that went up on recently.   There is a fab double cumshot at the end of the movie – it was great fun to make :-)

‘Football Faux Paus ‘ – I have always been a soccer fan and the World Cup got me all excited. I put on my sexy England strip, grabbed my football and was having a kick about outside when a miskick broke a window! ‘Someone’ wasn’t pleased and, since I had no money to pay for the damage he took it ‘in kind’. Phew, talk about working my ass off – icepak on my poor li’l bum!


Back to reality in February!

In February I was back on British soil, back to earth with a thump! Gone the days of  wearing skimpy clothes and wandering down to the beach to read a book in the pleasant sunshine…. back to wooly jumper and UGG boots galore! Apparently UGGS are really bad for your ankles? Great news.

Anyways speaking of beaches..  we managed to get quite a bit of content shot out in Spain in January so here is a little teaser of what you can find on It was warm enough for my bikini as you can see !

Check out of more of my antics in Spain on SAMMIVALENTINE.COM !!

A January Recap..!!

Who has been  a naughty girl? Yes me, I have neglected my blog and I do need to be punished. Ahem.  Happy New Year anyways and all that. Better late than never…..

I decided a recap on what you guys have missed out on is in order. I started off the New Year in Marbella in Spain, back where I had my surgery last September. This time it was not myself under the knife, it was my friend UKRudegirl!  It was  a very surreal experience as she was recovering in the room opposite to where I had been laid up not so very long ago. Flashbacks .. arghh !!

Whilst I was over there I initialised the next phase of my personal makeover which is a bit of dental work, I am now sporting a brace on my upper teeth – with the lower to follow in good time!. Kinda cute for that innocent college look huh?

It was a nice break and I missed the big freeze the UK suffered tee hee. I was hidden away in my villa..!! Every trip has a price to pay though – I had to endure tidying up the place to pay my way.  Queue random Maid Montage!


Check out my Marbella Maid pictures and a whole lot more…


Festive Greetings…

Firstly a warm festive greeting to everyone!  As we all wallow in the aftermath of Christmas, before picking ourselves up for New years Eve… I thought it would be a great time to update you a little with what I have been up to recently!

I returned to escorting in the 2nd week of Decemeber as I spent a week in London with Liberty Harkness. We also had the chance to shoot a new hardcore scene that I will show you a peak of this in my next blog!  The weekend before Christmas I was travelling back up North (with Libbys Elf outfit I borrowed, tee hee)  in the big freeze. I had a stop off on the Saturday scheduled at Ceasers Adult  Nightclub in Coventry . As I have mentioned previously  I often help out aht club on the  Rude Revel weekend and love to just hang out as well if I get chance… obviously i expected this was  a party with a Christmas theme but I was in for a suprise when I got there!

Apparently there was going to be a Christmas Panto and I was to be one of the main characters the “Princess”.  Argghhh!!!  Not my idea of fun which is why i was not warned until I was on the premeises, otherwise I might of got “stuck in the snow” or something, you know? – lol.  Well the panto went well enough and least my character was not called Cinderfella or anything :-p , heres a peek at my costume!!

There is always a “best dressed prize” for the parties particular theme. I have never won it but to my surpise my little Elf impression seemed to do the trick and I won.. yippeee! (Dont worry Libs your outfit is safe and sound!)

All in all a good night was had by all  !  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year.  Here is two more pictures, the first me being rewarded for being a great helper to Santa this year,  then a picture of UKRudgegirl, Alex the CAMERAMAN and meee!

There has been several festive updates on my website during December(with my new look!), and there is some  hot TS on TS action to come in January with a quite “unknown” British TS friend of mine in her first hardcore shoot!  Cum check out the latest on !

Thoughts from behind the lens #2

So here we all are in the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, the smell of bonfires and vague hints of frosty mornings to come.  The seasons change is more or less passing unnoticed here at ‘The Roseary’ as all attention is on Sammis new boobs.

It is now a touch over seven weeks since I waved her off into the operating theatre and a few days ago she felt able to try a small stills shoot and a solo video session.  We blew the dust off the cameras, fired up the lights and went for it.  I will be honest with you all – I was quite worried.  Sammi has always had that indefinable quality that cameras love – a combination of small features in exactly the right proportions that make her pictures shine.  My concern was that the surgery might throw those proportions off.  My relief when viewing the first set last week was indescribable – the Sammi ‘magic’ was unaffected and Sammi sparkled better than ever.

The stills set has just been posted to and the video will be following just as soon as it is out of post production.

Of course, despite all the excitement of the ‘New Look’ there is still a quantity of sexy content that was shot just before surgery (stills and video) and that will be being released over the next few weeks.  Some feature our sexy girl amusing herself alone, whilst others – like the just released ‘Sex Club Pickup’ – depict some of Sammis wider adventures as she goes out and about around the UK followed by a perve with a video camera.

Yes, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

Check out the latest updates on Sammi !

TGirl Roses DVD released on VOD now! (pc,ipod,mobile formats to download)

The latest DVD featuring myself that  I previously mentioned on this blog is now available to download scene by scene  exclusively… via!

It is just 4$ to purchase my scene and you can check out all the other girls and purchase any of those scenes to! The cast includes myselfJoanna Jet, Farrah Mills, Melissa Mendez and Lisa Heart! gives you a wide choice of formats for you enjoy these UK Shemales getting off! These formats include PC, cellphone, ipod and PSP.  WHY NOT CHECK OUT THE TRAILER FOR FREE!

Here you can also have peak at the rest of Hot Wendy Productions previous releases- you will find all your favorites here dating back many years!

If you are a fan of VOD and picking and choosing your favorite scenes to download and keep then I also suggest checking out Joanna Jets Download Store which has a full selection from her own famous Jet Set DVDS and even her latest Shemale on Female Action! Then there is Shemale Downloads, this is another VOD store with more of the same and errm… even more!

20 days post-op..

Here I am 20 days after my facial feminisation and breast augmentation and I feel comfy enough with how I look to be able to share some real pictures with the world! ;) I think I have been really fortunate in heal time, no bruising left as you can see, just slightly swollen chin and boobs. It can take up to 12 months for full results to show…. but here I am on my webcam earlier after a shower. No makeup and I look kinda tired but I hope you like Sammi MK II ;-)

I plan to be available on imlive and adultwork webcam doing shows at the end of the week so keep an eye out….

Thoughts from behind the lens #1

Sammis latest update of her first dogging session reminded of that very same day…

So there I was, working away editing some of Sammis naughty videos like usual, when she bounces in and innocently says  “C’mon Alex, grab your cameras, it’s a lovely day let’s go for a walk in the woods.” So, off we went.

Of course this is Sammi we are talking about, and the ‘woods’ just happened to be a dogging spot, and there just happened to be a few guys around, and – almost before I had my lens cap off – she’s flirting with all and sundry and getting a very sticky bottom to the delight of a watching group of voyeurs … not to mention her cameraman – me!

The outdoor video have just been uploaded to her site so you can share the moment of her first ever outdoor dogging session along with the Blow Job part to her recent country Girl Picture Set . Enjoy!


Hi from Sammis Camera Dude!

Hi there everyone, just to introduce myself – I am Alex – Sammis Cameraman and post production editor.  My place is usually behind the cameras making a record of her sexy adventures as they happen.  Sammi thought it would be a nice idea if I popped in every now and again to tell you all what new exciting things are coming and give you a tiny peek into what life is like rushing around with one of the UKs hottest T-Girls taking all the pictures and making the movies that you all want to see.

An added bonus for me is that I also get to meet all of Sammis stunning friends – speaking of which the latest update on features the outrageous Liberty Harkness when she and Sammi double teamed a very lucky admirer.  It was a steamy session I can tell you – between wiping the lens and adjusting my pants the filming just flew by and I needed three cold showers before being able to pack the equipment away ;)

So – keep watching the blog for my occasional contributions – and of course keep your eye on Sammi and the girls on – the ONLY place to get the up to date scoop on ‘The English T Rose’ and her sexy antics.


Recovering in the sunshine..

It is day 10 since my operation and things are still going nicely. Its quite warm over here but plenty of shade to chill out in, just leaves me a bit jealous of my friends who can have a drink and a dip in the pool!!

I am due to leave back for the UK on Tuesday 13th, I have my final bandages removed that day also (nose splints and bandages/stitches on my new boobs). Here is a few teasers of me milling round the pool hiding from the sun in my hat.. its either a silly hat or a cute hat. I just cannot decide!